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-Whisky- Distillery CARSEBRIDGE DISTILLERY PROFILE Type Carsbridge The Distillery Was Founded In 1799 by John Bald. Region Originally Carsebridge Was A Malt Distillery And Was Turned Into A Grain Distillery In 1851-1852. In 1877, After Having Been Led Successively By 2 Son ofThe Founder Age (Robert from 1844 to 1845, And Then John), Carsebridge Was Part of The Club Founders of Distillers Company Limited (DCL) With Other Distillers Grain: Cambus, Cameronbridge, Glenochil, Kirklison And Distilled t Dundas). In 1966 It Came Under The Control of Scottish Grain DistillersFilali Distillers Company Limited. Production In The Years 1885-86 Ranged Between 6 And 8,000,000 Liters Size king It The Largest Distillery of Its Time. The Distillery Was Closed In 1983 And Demolished In 1992 Proof Some of The Original Buildings Are Still Visible On The Industrial Park That Was Installed There Notes There Are Warehouse And Technology Center And Biotechnology. Cod.148647why