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-Whisky- Distillery Jack Daniel (Charcoal-mellowing Refers to A Process Used to Make Tennessee Whiskey, Such As Jack Daniel's. The Process Involves Slowly Dripping The Newly Made Whiskey Through Giant = Type Tennessee Whiskey = Containers Hard-packed With 10 Feet of Sugar Maple Charcoal. The Process Takes Ten Days, And During = Region Lynchburg Tennessee = This Time The Whiskey Absorbs The Essence of The Charcoal, Refining The Spirit And Giving It A Unique Flavor And Aroma.) Age Not On Label Distilled Not On Label, Bottled On 2010 Size 70 cl Proof 40 % VOL Notes Jack Daniel 160 th Birthday, 1850 to 2010, Sour Mash, Distilled And Bottled In U.S.A. By Jack Daniel Distillery. Proprietors: Lem Motlow. Lynchburg. Cod.16582why