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-Whisky- Distillery Brora (Built in 1819.Reconstructed In 1896. Silent Between 1931 And 1938 And Again From 1941 to 1945. In 1969 A New Distillery Was Built Near By Called Clynelish. = Type Malt =For SomeTime The Whiskies Were Known Ss 'Clynelish A'(The New Distillery) And'Clynelish B'(The Old Distillery)UntilTheOriginalClynelish WasRenamed Brora Which Finally Ceasing Production In1983.) Region Highland Age 20 Distilled On 12th November 1981And Bottled On 17th October 2002 Size 70 cl Proof 46 % vol Notes Brara Un-Chillfiltered Collection, Matured In A Refill Sherry Butt n 1420, Bottle n348 of 839, Distilled At Brora Distillery, Bottled In Scotland By Signatory Vintage Scotch Whisky Co., Ltd. Cod.177822why