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-Whisky- Distillery Banff (Originall founded in 1824 at Mill of Banff, rebuilt in 1863 one mile south of Banff. Closed In 1983.Demolished 1985 Type Malt (Destroyed by fire on 9th May 1877, back in action the following October, from there on distillery had its own private fire engine. Bombed by the Germans on 16th August 1941.) Region Highland Age Not On Label Distilled In 1974 And Bottled In 2003 Size 70 cl. Proof 45 %vol. Notes Samaroli,35th Anniversary, Sherry Wood, Unblended Malt,Cask n2052, Bottle n260 of 360, Matured And Bottled In Scotland. Cod.196026why