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-Whisky- Distillery Dalmore (Founed In 1839. Malting Converted to Saladin Boxes In 1956. Four New Stills Added In 1966 Making 8. New Still Are Smaller Than =riginal 4. During World War 1The Buildings Were Commandeered = Type Malt = For The Royal Navy to Manufacture Mines.All Stock Was Removed to Other Distilleries, It Was Another 3 Years Before The Distillery Was In Production And The Stock Returned With Not A Single = Region Highland = Cask Missing. In An Explosions Towards The End of The War Various Building Were Destroyed, But Thankfully The Stills Were Not Damaged.) Age 30 Distilled In 22/03/1973 Size 70 cl e Proof 42 % vol Notes The Dalmore Special Cask Finish, Matured In Matusalem Sherry Casks, Gonzales Byass,Bottle n3587, Distilled In Scotland By The Dalmore Distillery, Bottled By White And Mackay Distillers, Glasgow. Cod.204006why