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-Whisky- Distillery Dalmore (Founed In1839. Malting Converted to Saladin Boxes In 1956. Four New Stills Added In 1966 Making 8. New Still Are Smaller Than =riginal 4. During World War 1The Buildings Were Commandeered = Type Malt = For The Royal Navy to Manufacture Mines.All Stock Was Removed to Other Distilleries, It Was Another 3 Years Before The Distillery Was In Production And The Stock Returned With Not A Single = Region Highland = Cask Missing. In An Explosions Towards The End of The War Various Building Were Destroyed, But Thankfully The Stills Were Not Damaged.)-Water Source Alness River.- Age 12 Distilled Not On Label Size 75 cl Proof Gradi 43 Notes Dalmore Pure Malt, Tall Bottle, Black Label, Rotation Years 1980s,Distilled By Dalmore Distillery, Bottled In Scotland By White & Mackay Distillers LTD., Glasgow. Cod.239086why