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-Whisky- Distillery Caol Ila (Built Originally In 1846. Renovated In1879 And Almost Completely Rebuilt In 1972-4. Silent Between 1930 And 1937.)The Water Source Used To Be The Distilleries Only Source of Power.= Type Malt = A "Puffer"(Small Coastal Cargo Boat) Named Pibroch Used to Be Owned By The Distillery.= Region Isle of Islay =She Regularly Sailed Between The Mainland And The Distillery Bringing Supplies And Returning With Mature Whisky, Until She Was Retired In 1972.) Age 17 Distilled In 1983 Size 70 cl Proof 43 % vol Notes Caol Ila Shieldaig Collection, Vintage 1983, Stopper Cork, Distilled At Caol Ila Distillery, Bottled In Scotland By William Maxvell & Co. Ltd. Cod.253048why