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-Whisky- Distillery Glen Albyn (Established In 1840 On The Site of A Brewery. Devastated By Fire In 1849. Distilling Resumed In 1950. 1860s Saw The Distillery Closed And The Buildings Transformed Into A Flour Mill. = Type Malt = Rebuilt In 1884 With Direct Rail Link To Main Line.Silent 1917-19 When Used As A US Naval Base. Closed In 1983. Demolished In 1986, In 1988 to Make Way For A Shopping Centre.) Region Highland Age Not On Label Distilled Not On Label Size Not On Label Proof 80 (20 U.P.) Notes Glen Albyn Inverness Castle, Rare Old Highland Malt, Matured In The Highlands of Scotland, Driven Cork, Distilled And Bottled In Scotland By Glen Albyn Distillery,Proprietors:Mackinlays & Birnie Ltd. Cod.2575why