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-Whisky- Distillery Bushmills (The first Official reference to The Distillery Was In 1784 When It Was Registered As A Company, Making It The Oldest Existing Distillery In Ireland. Much Has Been Written about'1608' = Type Blended =And WhileThe Company Actually UsesThis Date OnTheir Bottles,It Actually Refers to When A Licence Was Passed to Distil Whisky In the Area of BushmillsThe Floor Maltings Were In Use Up Until = Region Irish = 1972, When The Company Found That It Would Be More Economical to Use Commercial Maltings. Curiously Bushmills Uses A Mix of Two Malts One Entirely Unpeated And Another Slightly Peated.) Age Not On Label Distilled Not On Label, Bottled 2008 Size 750 mL e Proof 46 % Alc/Vol. Notes Bushmills Anniversary Edition,(400th) Distilled With Crystal Malt, Stopper Cork, Distilled Matured &Bottled By The Old Bushmills Distillery CO LTD, Bushmills, County Antrim. Cod.263317why