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-Whisky- Distillery Bruichladdich (Situated On The West Shore of Loch Indaal On Islay, Bruichladdich is Scotlands Most Westerly Distillery.Founded In 1881, Rebuilt 1886, Silent Between 1929 And 1937, = Type Malt = Monthballed 1995. Puchased By Murray McDavid Who Have Brought The Distillery Back to Life.First Spirit Flow Again Was On The 29th May 2001) Region Isle of Islay Age 15 Distilled on 1992 Size 700ml Proof 46 % Alc/Vol Notes Bruicladdich Barbaresco Wood Finish, Stopper Cork, Distilled, Matured And Bottled In Scotland By M. McDavid,Ltd., At Bruicladdich Distillery, Islay. Cod.26546why