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-Whisky- Distillery Coleburn (Built Over A Natural Well In 1896 With Production Starting In January 1897. Closed 1913 to 1916. = Type Malt =The Railway Which Delivered Supplies Right Into The Distillery Remained In Use Until 1966.Coleburn Distillery Was Closed In 1985 The Distillery's Licence Was Cancelled In 1992 = Region Speyside =And It Is Unlikely That It Will Ever Open Again.) Age 15 Distilled 20.04.1983 and Bottled 30.09.1998 Size 70 cl Proof 43 % vol Notes Coleburn Vintage 1983, Cask n209, Bottle n396 of 428, Distilled At Coleburn Distillery, Bottled In Scotland By Signatory Vintage Scotch Whisky Co, Ltd. Edinburgh. Cod.283458why