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-Whisky- Distillery Auchentoshan (Built Before The 1823 Licensing Act Being Extensively Refurbished In 1984. Now The Only Distillery In Scotland Still Using The Traditional Lowland Triple Distillation Method = Type Malt = This Method Yields Less Spirit Than Conventional Stills At A Higher Strength Usually About 80% By Volume. = Region Lowland = The Distillery Is Now Owned By Morrison Bowmore, Which Is In Turn Part of The Japanese Suntory Group.) Age 15 Distilled In 30.8.1988 Size 700 ml e Proof 59.2 % vol Notes Auchentoshan Official Distillery Archive, Individual Cask Bottling, Stopper Cork, Cask Type:Bourbon n4441, Distilled And Bottled In Scotland By Auchentoshan Distillery. Last Updated 26thMarch 2006. Cod.350704why