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-Whisky- Distillery Hiram Walker (Canadian Whiskeys Are Not Restricted By The Same Legislation As Most Other Major Distilling nations. They Are Effectively Blends, Where A High Strength Almost Neutral = Type Blend = Spirit Are Given Flavour By The Addition of Lower Strength And More Flavoursome Spirits. Most Different Types of Stills Are Used With Continuous Stills Proportionately Important. The Grain = Region Walkerville = Used Varies From Brand to Brand, With Corn Joined By Rye And Barley (And Both May Be Malted Or Unmalted). Unusually Canadian Whiskeys May Have 9.09% of Foreign Whiskeys Also = Age 6 = Added Into The Blend. An Exception to This Is The Product of Glenora Distillery In Cape Breton, Which Produces A True Single Malt In The Scotch Style But Which Is Not Freely Available.) Distilled Not On Label Size 75 CL. Proof 40 % vol Notes Canadian Club, Distilled And Bottled In Canadian By Hiram Walker & Sons Limited, Walkerville, Ontario. Cod.442623why