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-Whisky- Distillery GLEN GARIOCH DISTILLERY PROFILE (Part 2) Type SMD, A Subsidiary of MCI Closed Glen Garioch In 1968, Along With Oban And Glenlochy . The Distillery Reopened After It Was Acquired By Stanley P. Morrison Who Had Decided To Acquire A Famous Region Distillery In Each Region Production of Scotch Whiskey.Transformations Took Place In 1971,The Distillery And Saw The Number of Stills Doubled. In 1982, Stanley P. Morrison Became Ltd Morrison Age Bowmore Before Becoming A 100% Subsidiary of The Japanese Suntory. In 1994, The Group Decided to Close And Sell The Distillery. Finding No Buyer, The Distillery Was Closed, Distilled But Production Resumed In 1997, Because of The Increasing Demand For Malt. The Bulk of Production Is Used In Blends of Society Morrison Bowmore, Including Rob Roy. Size Greenhouses Heated By Waste Heat And Carbon Dioxide From Distillation Process Floor Maltings Proof Notes Cod.445491why