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-Whisky- Distillery BRUICHLADDICH DISTILLERY PROFILE - PARTE 2- Type Bruichladdich Distilled At 10 PPM Phenolic Content. 5th September 2001 Scottish Launch of The New Bottlings of Bruichladdich Region 10 Fifteen And Twenty Un Chill Filtered, Un Coloured And Reduced to 46% With Islay Spring (Private.) Water. Age Today But we Have A Series Di Octomore With PPM 131, And 140. Distilled The Distillery Has Been Carefully Restored And Renovated With All The Original Equipment being Retained Rather Than Replaced With Modern Equivalents; There Are No Computers Used In Size the Production Process. Casks Are Filled At The Unusually High Level of 70% For Maximum Aging Potential. Careful, Slow Distillation Proof (Without Computers But With The Head And The Heart) Combined With The Old Equipment Are Notes Producing Extraordinary Results In Both Quality And Yields - Much to The Surprise of All Concerned. Cod.465892why