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-Whisky- Distillery Tamdhu (Built in 1896-97. Silent Between 1927 And 1947. Two New Stills Were Added In 1972 Making 4. Expanded In 1975 When Number of Stills Was Increased to 6.= Type Malt =Silent Between 1927 And 1947. Saladin Maltings Installed In 1951.The Visitor Center Is Situation In The Old Railway Station At Knockando. Water Source Is From A Spring At The Distillery = Region Speyside = It Was Established In 1896 And Came Under The Ownership of Highland Distillers In 1899. It Has Remained Under The Same Ownership, Although The Company Name Has Changed to Edrington.) Age 13 Distilled In 1990 And Bottled 2003 Size 70 cl Proof 43 % vol Notes Tamdhu Vintage Bottling, Dun Bheagan,Wood Type: Sherry Finish, Cask n9041 & 9043, n of Bottles2868, Distilled By Tamdhu Distillery, Bottled In Scotland By William Maxwell & Co. LTD. Cod.467891why