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-Whisky- Distillery Caol Ila (Built Originally In 1846. Renovated In1879 And Almost Completely Rebuilt In 1972-4. Silent Between 1930 And 1937.)The Water Source Used To Be The Distilleries Only Source of Power.= Type Malt = A "Puffer"(Small Coastal Cargo Boat) Named Pibroch Used to Be Owned By The Distillery.= Region Isle of Islay =She Regularly Sailed Between The Mainland And The Distillery Bringing Supplies And Returning With Mature Whisky, Until She Was Retired In 1972.) Age 25 Distilled On 21/06/1979 And Bottled On 01/03/2005 Size 70 cl Proof 58.2 % vol Notes Caol Ila Signatory, Cask Strength Collection, Matured In A Hogshead, Cask n05/116, Bottle n146 of 244, Cask Individually Selected And Bottled In Scotland By Signatory Vintage Scotch Whisky Co.Ltd. Cod.475277why