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-Whisky- Distillery GLENBURGIE DISTILLERY PROFILE Type Glenburgie Speyside (Findhorn) AKA : Glenburgie-Glenlivet and Glen Burgie / Glenburry.The Glenburgie Distillery Started Production Under The Name Kilnflat in 1829. People Say That The Distillery E' Region E' Be Founded In 1810 From William Paul.Water Source: Local Springs.Closed Around 1870 It Was Revived Again In 1878 By Charles Kay Under the Name Glenburgie. Silent From 1927 to 1935. Age The Distillery Was Acquired In The 1930's By Hiram Waker And Gooderham & Worts Ltd. In 1958 Two 'Lomond Stills' Were Installed And Used to Produce A Special Malt Under The Name 'Glencraig'. Distilled Glencraig Was Produced For A Little Over Two Decades; Between 1958 And 1981. The Glenburgie Distillery Is Owned By Pernod Ricard Since 2005.Most of The Glenburgie Malt Whisky Is Used For Blends Size Like Ballantine's And Old Smuggler. The Glencraig Malt Whisky That Was Produced In The Lomond stills At Glenburgie Was Named After Willie Craig, A Former Production Director At Hiram Walker. Proof Because The Glencraig Spirit From The Lomond Stills Had To Be kept Apart From The Glenburgie Spirit, The Distillery Had Two Separate Spirit Safes And Spirit Receiving Vessels. Glenburgie One Notes of The Few Small Malt Whisky Distilleries With Double Equipment. The Floor Maltings Were Closed In 1958, Just When The New Lomond Stills For Glencraig Were Installed. Cod.514187why