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-Whisky- Distillery CAPERDONICH DISTILLERY PROFILE Type Caperdonich Distillery Started Its Life As 'Glen Grant #2'. This Speyside Distillery Was Built In 1898 By J. & J. Grant, The People That Also Built The 'Original' Glen Grant Distillery In 1840 Region The 'Original' Glen Grant Distillery Doors Again After Just Four Years In 1902. Due To The After Effects of The Pattison Crisis That Shook Up The Whisky World Around The Turn of The Century. Age Glen Grant No. 2 Remained Inactive For Six Decades, But In The Year 1965 It Was Rebuilt By Glenlivet Distilleries Ltd. Who Resumed Production And Changed The Name To Caperdonich. In 1967 The Number Distilled of Stills Was Expanded From Two To Four. The Change of The Name To Caperdonich "Secret Well" Wasn't Entirely Voluntary. A New British Law Prohibited The Use of The Same Name For Different Size Distilleries That Were Operational At The Same Time, So The Owners Had To Find An Alternative For 'Glen Grant #2'.When Capedonich Was Renovated By Glenlivet Distillers In 1967, Two Additional Proof steam Heated Pot stills Were Added To The Original two. Advancements In Technology And A Modern Tun Room Enabled The Entire Distillery To Be Run By Just One Or Two People.Current Owners Pernod Notes Ricard,Water Source: Caperdonich Burn, 1902 Closed, 1965 Renovated By Glenlivet Distilleries Ltd, 1977 Acquired By Seagrams of Canada, 2002 Mothballed, The Autumn of 2008 Re-Opened. Cod.593639why