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-Whisky- Distillery GLEN MORAY DISTILLERY PROFILE Type In 1815 a Brewery Was Built By Henry Arnott & Co Near Elgin, A Town Which Had Over 80 At The Time. In 1897 The Brewery Was Converted Into A Distillery While retaining Much of The Distillery Buildings Region Buildings Intact. The Distillery Closed Its Doors In 1910. After A Very Brief Reopening In 1912, She Had to Wait Until 1923 To Be sold And Redeemed By The Owners of Glenmorangie. Age Since The Distillery Was Mothballed Until The Second World War (As Most Distilleries In Scotland). Significant Alterations Occurred In 1958 And The Distillery Is Endowed With A " Saladin Box "That Distilled Will Serve Until 1977. The Exterior of The Distillery Is Characterized By Two Huge Grain Silos. In General, The Distilleries Bury Their Silos. Size Part of Whiskey In The Composition of The Blend Highland Queen Proof Glenmorangie Plc Renvendu Glen Moray Distillery In Martinique In The French Company In September 2008. Notes Glen Moray Location Speyside, 1897 Established (Former Brewery) By Glen Moray Glenlivet Distillery Co, 1910 Closed, 1920's Purchased By Macdonald & Muir ,Water Source: River Lossie. Update May 2010. Cod.603100why