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-Whisky- Distillery Speyburn (Founded 1897.1897 Being Queen Victoria's Diamond Jubilee Year The distillery Was Keen to Fill Some Casks In Its Inaugral Year. Distilling Started Before Windows And Doors Were Fitted On = Type Malt =15th December, As A Severe Snowstorm Was Raging At The Time Employees Had to Work In Overcoats. Only One Barrel of Spirit Was Bonded In1897.First Distillery to Install Steam Driven Mechanical = Region Speyside = Drum Maltings. Locals Affectionally Call The Distillery 'The Gibbet' From The Near By 'Cnock na Croiche' Hillock of The Gibbet.) Age 12 Distilled Not On Label Size 70 cl Proof 43 % vol Notes Speyburn Flora & Fauna, Stopper Cork, Distilled And Bottled In Scotland By Speyburn Distillery, Rothes, Moray. Cod.618282why