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-Whisky- Distillery BRUICHLADDICH DISTILLERY PROFILE - PARTE 1- Type 1881 Established By Robert, William & John Gourlay Harvey, 1886 Distillery Re-Built And Reopened Under The Bruichladdich Distillery Co (Islay) Ltd(Under Harvey Family Control)1929 Silent Until 1937 Region 1938 Purchased By Hatim Attari, Joseph Hobbs And Alexander Tolmie And Then Soon After Transferred to Associated Scottish Distillers Ltd (National Distillers of America) Age 1969 Acquired By Invergordon Distillers, 1975 Another Pair of Stills Added to Original Pair, 1993 Invergordon Distillers Acquired By Whyted & Mackay, 1995 Mothballed. Distilled 2000 19th December 2000 Bought By A Small Independent Company of Private Individuals, Headed By Mark Reynier, Gordon Wright And Simon Coughlin of Murray McDavid. Size 2001 29th May 2001 - First Distillation After 5 Months of Refurbishment of The Old Existing Machinery, Much Dating Back to 1881. A New Whisky, Based On The Original Distillates Proof The End of The Nineteenth Century Is The First: 'Port Charlotte', Heavily Peated At 40PPM. 2001 1st June 2001 - The Bruichladdich 'Valincher' Available. 50 cls Bottles Filled By And Notes By The Purchaser At The Distillery - In Person.2001 8th July 2001 - First Distillation Run of Traditional Bruichladdich, Cod.642498why