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-Whisky- Distillery Convalmore (Production Started In February1894.Partly Destroyed By Fire On 29th October1909. From1909 to1915 Distillery Experimented With Continuous Distillation of Malt Whisky Using A Column Still=) Type Malt Region Speyside (=This Experiment Saw Few Advantages And Therefore Was Removed. Modernisation Took Place Between1962 And1967 When Number of Stills Was Increased From 2 to 4.Closed1985And Demolished1995) Age 16 Distilled On 1984 And Bottled On 2001 Size 70 CL e Proof 43 % VOL. Notes Convalmore Dun Bheagan Collection, Single Malt, Distilled By Convalmore Distillery, Bottled In Scotlan For Dun Bheagan Distillers. Cod.662822why