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-Whisky- Distillery Laphroaig (The Johnstons Started Farming At Laphroaig Around 1800, And Soon After Messers Charles And Willie Doig were Asked To Do Some 'Work On A Distillery'. By 1815 Laphroaig's Reputation Had = Type Malt = Spread And The Tax Man Was Getting Suspicious So They 'Officially' Established 'Johnston & Johnston' And The Legend of Laphroaig Had Begun. Today's Laphroaig Is Famously Peated, Using = Region Isle of Islay = Malt of 35ppm Phenol Levels But Tasting Like Much More.) Water Source: Kilbride Dam. Age Not On Label Distilled 1996 Size 700 ml Proof 51.1 % vol Notes Laphroaig The Queen of The Moorlands, Single Cask, The Islay Festival of Malt And Music 2009, Distilled By Laphroaig Distillery, Bottled In Scotland For The Queen of The Moorlands Whisky co. Cod.718273why