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-Whisky- Distillery Miltonduff -Pluscarden Valley - (Established In 1824. EnlargeI In The 1890s. 1974 Saw The Distillery Being Rebuilt. Built On Land Once Belonging to Benedictine Monks of Pluscarden Priory.= Type Malt =A Stone From The Original Abbey Is Retained At The Distillery.In1964 A Lomond wash And Spirit Still Were Added to Produce The Malt Mosstowie,Which Were Changed In1981to Produce Miltonduff.) Region Speyside Age 40 Distilled In 1961 And Bottled On 25 July 2001 Size 70 cl Proof 55 % vol. Notes Pluscarden Valley, Very Limited Edition, Single Barrel, Bottle n4 of 170, Stopper Cork, Distilled By Miltonduff Distillery, Bottled In Scotland For Silver Seal Whisky Company Ltd., Glasgow. Cod.721096why