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-Whisky- Distillery Ardbeg (The Second Oldest Distillery on Islay. Although Distilling Can Be Traced Back to 1794 Here This Distillery Was Founded In 1815 Fully Operational In 1817. Closed 1984 Re-Opened 1989. = Type Malt = Closed Again In 1996 Re-Opened 1997, Until 1976/'77 Ardbeg Still Had Its Own Malting Floor, But Take Their Heavily Peated Malt From The Port Ellen Maltings. = Region Isle of Islay =The Site's Water Source, Arinambeast & Loch Uigedale, Is Superb And Has had The Honour of Having A Whisky Named After. Age 10 (Ten) Distilled Not On Label Size 70 cl e Proof 46 % vol Notes Ardbeg Ten, Original Bottling, The Ultimate, Rotation In Italy Years 08, Distilled And Bottled In Sctland By Ardbeg Distillery Limited, Isle of Islay. Cod.759945why