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-Whisky- Distillery Dufftown (Converted From A Meal Mill In 1896. Closed For 4 Months In 1998 For Installation of A New Tun Room. Originally Had Two Stills Extended to Four In 1974 And Then to Six In 1979.= Type Malt = Twelve Stainless Steel Washbacks. Named After The Founder of The Town Jeff Duff, The 4th Earl of Fife.) Region Speyside Age 20 Distilled In October 1981And Bottled In July 2001 Size 70 cl Proof 50 % vol. Notes Dufftown Special Bottling, Stopper Cork, Bottle n 290 of 375, Distilled By Dufftown Distillery, Bottled In Scotland For Silver Seal Company Ltd., Glasgow. Cod.837307why