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-Whisky- Distillery Bruichladdich (Founded In 1881, Rebuilt 1886, Silent Between 1929 And 1937, Monthballed 1995. Puchased By Murray McDavid Who Have Brought The Distillery Back to Life.First Spirit Flow Again Was = Type Malt = On The 29th May 2001.The Whisky Produced By Bruichladdich Was Traditionally One of The Least Peaty of The Islay Malts, Although Ironically It Is Rated As The Islanders' Favourite. In The = Region Isle of Islay = Stills: The Traditional Unpeated, The 40ppm Port Charlotte,The Monstrous 82ppm Octomore, A Triple-And Even Quadruple-Distilled Spirit, = Age Not On Label Distilled 30.09.1994 Size 500 ml Proof 55.3 % Alc./Vol. Notes Bruichladdich Bland Ola, Dumpy Bottle, Bourbon Cask Matured, ACE'd In Chateau d'Yquem Cask, Bottle n135 of 420, Cask n22, Distilled And Bottled In Scotlan By Bruichladdich Distillery. Cod.852169why