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-Whisky- Distillery Glen Albyn (Established In 1840 On The Site of A Brewery. Devastated By Fire In 1849. Distilling Resumed In 1950. 1860s Saw The Distillery Closed And The Buildings Transformed Into A Flour Mill. = Type Malt = Rebuilt In 1884 With Direct Rail Link To Main Line.Silent 1917-19 When Used As A US Naval Base. Closed In 1983. Demolished In 1986, In 1988 to Make Way For A Shopping Centre.) Region Highland Age 10 Distilled Not On Label Size 75 cl Proof 43.4 % Notes Glen Albyn Picture of Loch Ness, Bottled 1970s, Matured In Oak Wood, Stopper Cork, Distilled By Glen Albyn Distillery, Inverness, Bottled By John E.McPherson & Sons LTD., Leith. Cod.902309why