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-Whisky- Distillery Brechin -North Port - (Distilling Commenced At North Port In 1820, Under The Ownership of The Townhead Distillery Company, And Locally The Distillery Was Often known As 'Townhead'. The Company Was = Type Malt = Purchased By DCL. In 1922, And Suffered A Periods of Closure From 1928 Until 1937, And During The War Years. Following The War It Operated In Continual Production Until 1983 Demolished 1994.) Region Highland Age 28 Distilled In 1977 And Bottled In 2005 Size 70 cl e Proof 53.3 % Notes Brechin North Port Special Bottling 2005, Natural Cask Strength, Bottle n1882 of 2040, Stopper Cork, North Port - Brechin - Botlled In Scotland By Scottish Malt Distillers, Elgin. Cod.906078why