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-Whisky- Distillery Springbank (Is Probably Scotland's Most Traditional Distillery. It Is Run By A Descendent of the Family That Founded The Company In The Early 1800's.The John And William Mitchell, Had A Background = Type Malt =of Illicit Distilling Before they Founded Springbank In 1828. The Crash of 1928 Compounded Problems And With The Following Closures Over The Years. Now Just For Campbeltown Distilleries: = Region Campbeltown = Springbank, Hazelburn,Glen Scotia And Kilkerran, which The Springbank Team Opened In 2004' = Age 37 =There Are One of The Few Scotch Distilleries to Malt Their Barley On Site. Still Owned By The Founding Family.) Distilled On March 1968 And Bottled On June 2005 Size 70 cl Proof 47.5 % Notes Springbang Special Bottling For The Whisky Fair, Matured In Bourbon Hogshead n488, Stock n216 Bottles, Stopper Cork, Distilled By Springbank Distillery, Bottled In Scotland At Natural Cask Strength. Cod.947704why