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-Whisky- Distillery Glenlochy (Established / Funded In 1898. Silent Between 1917 And 1924 And From 1926 And 1937. Joseph Hobbs Sold Glenlochy In 1940 to Start The Great Glen Cattle Ranch. = Type Malt = Another of The Distilleries Closed In 1983, The Stills At Glenlochy Have Been Removed, And The Distillery Will Never Distil Whisky Again.) - Water Source Nevis River.- Region Highland Age 25 Distilled On 1969 Size 75 cl Proof 62.2 % vol Notes Glenlochy Rare Malts Selection,Limited Edition, Bottle n1365, Distilled By Glenlochy Distillery, Bottled In Scotland. Cod.983089why