Collectorsencyclopedia.com was born on March 2001 as a result of the
collaboration of a keen Italian collector and a group of software experts.

Collectorsencyclopedia.com is a software program that will allow you to
collect, archive and manage descriptions and images of your collection

Our project goal is to build a large archive which, with the collaboration of
collectors, will make an interactive website containing many interesting
collections. With your support, everyone will benefit, while at the same
time enabling you to computerize your own collection.

Collectorsencyclopedia.com offers you the online instrument to catalogue your
collection, enabling you to access it anywhere you can connect to the net.
You'll be able to compare your collection with other collectors', exchanging
knowledge as well as interesting information. Our website, separated into
single collections, will be available to anyone who wants to extract
information for the improvement of their knowledge base. Our website will
also let you contact, or be contacted for possible trades.

We ask for your collaboration in order to improve the website.
Collectorsencyclopedia.com will become more interesting every time you upload
a new item to it. Compare our archive with your own collection and if you
have an item that is not listed yet, take a picture of that item and go to
"New Item" function to insert it.
An expert collector (the website's manager) will review your data and add it
to the website.
If you have a collection that is not listed and would like to add it to the
website, contact collectorsencyclopedia.com at the "New Manager" function and
we'll quickly reply with all the information required to do so.

All data shown in Collectorsencyclopedia.com has been gathered from
information which came from collectors. Although all data has been closely
checked by an expert, Collectorsencyclopedia.com cannot guarantee their
accuracy and cannot be held responsible for any inadvertent errors or

Collectorsencyclopedia.com is addressed to international users, therefore we
ask you to use English only when inserting any data.