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What does the function “Search in CE Archive” do?


The function searches for a word, or part of the word, inside the general archive of Collectorsenyclopedia.com., considering all collections.


What is the Archive?


The Archive is the sum of all data inserted by collectors


Which items can be inserted in the Archive?


Any item supported by data and images that are not yet inserted. First of all, you should verify that you can find the collection you listed. If not, go to the “New Manager” function and follow instructions. If you find your collection go to the “New Item” function and follow the instructions there.


Is the picture essential?


Yes. The picture is essential to insert any item.


Why the picture is essential?


Because Collectorsenyclopedia.com ask for real items which have been manufactured and are known.


Can I insert figures, projects or plates related to the items?


Yes, as long as you find a specific collection (e.g., patents of safety razors).


Who is allowed to insert data in our Archive?


Everybody owns an item that is not listed yet in the Archive.  


How the Archive has been organized?


The general Archive has been divided in sections. Each section has been titled to its type of collection.


What are sections?


Sections are the headings for each collection. For example: the section named “Safety razors” includes only data concerning safety razors


Does the Archive have all kinds of collections?


At the present time only few collections will be listed in our Archive. It is Collectorsenyclopedia.com’s goal to build an Archive as large as possible to include numerous collections.


How can I insert a new item?


First of all you must  verify that the section (collection) already exists. Then you go to the “New Item” function.


Is “New Item” function a free service?


Yes. All Collectorsenyclopedia.com’s functions are free.


Is browsing Collectorsenyclopedia.com Archive a free service?


Yes. Our service is free.


What can I do if I don’t find my collection listed?


It means we have not listed your particular collection yet. Go to “New Manager” function and fill in our schedule. Collectorsenyclopedia.com will send you a reply very soon.


What alphabetic letter, placed at the top of the home page, select?


Letters select collections that begin with that selected letter.



Collection form



What shows when I open a collection?


The whole list of the items in that collection. The list has been divided in pages. You can view individual pages by just clicking on the page number.


What is code number?


Collectorsenyclopedia.com automatically assigns a code number to any new item. It is the identification number that refers to the item itself.


Can I change the code number?


No. It is an unchangeable number.


How can I view all details of an item?


Click on the yellow icon next to the description.


Inside the collection form, what does the function “Search” do?


The function searches for words, or part of words, inside the collection database.


How can I make a search in the collection form?


First, you have to select the field you want to search. Second, I highlight the word, or part of a word, that you are looking for. Third, click submit.


Can I search items listed in different collections inside the collection form?


No. You have to select the collection that you want to consider first, then search.


What does the function “Adv. Search” (Advanced Search) do?


This function searches two words, or two parts of words, in the same record (Item)


How does the function “Adv. Search” work?


Insert the first word wanted in first field (e.g., “yellow”) and the second word wanted in the second field (e.g., “red”). The result will be to show all the items of the collection that have the two words wanted (e.g., “yellow” and “red”), independently in the fields where they are inserted.


Does the function “Adv. Search” find items that have only one of the two words wanted?


No. “Adv. Search” finds only items that have both the words wanted.


What does “Available” mean?


When you find “Available” script (red type) it means that item is available at the collector’s home. He may be willing to trade or sell his item.


How can I trade or purchase  an “Available” item?


 You have to contact the owner at his e-mail address.


Should I pay commissions to Collectorsenyclopedia.com for trading or purchasing an “Available” item?


No. This is a free service of Collectorsenyclopedia.com


What does the function “Available” find in the “Adv. Search” function?


The function finds any item that is available inside the collection form.


Can I view all items inserted by a collector?


Yes. You can view all of a collector’s items just by clicking on the owner’s name in the item format


Why does not the collector’s e-mail address appear sometimes?


E-mail address is just optional. Collectors can  choose to be anonymous.


Can I enlarge images?


Yes. You can click on the “View” yellow icon and the images will enlarge.


Can I download or print images of an item?


This function is not allowed. If you want to download or print images, please contact Collectorsenyclopedia.com


How many images can be viewed on any one item?


Collectorsenyclopedia.com has programmed only three images for any item. When there is more than one image, the function “Other images” will appear. By clicking that function you can view other images.


What does the function “Images” do?


All images of the collection can be viewed. Six images will be shown in one page. To view other images you go to the next page.


What is the number placed at the bottom of any signify?


It is the code number.


Can I go to the item form from the catalogue?


Yes. Just by clicking on the item’s code number.


What is the “Sort” function?


This function allows sorting in selected fields, any item of a collection. For example, if you want to sort items by “Code number” select  the “Code number” field, then click on “Sort” function.


How does the program organise items?


Items can only be listed in ascending order.



New Item Form



Should I register my name to insert a new item?


Yes. Before entering a new item we ask you to register your “User Name” and your e-mail address.


Does the “User Name” change every time I insert a new item?


No. You can use the same “User Name” any time you insert a new item.


What is the password?


Password is the insertion code that you need to type in before inserting a new item.


How do I get the password?


Collectorsenyclopedia.com will automatically give you a password. You will get it by e-mail.


How long will it take to get my password?


Collectorsenyclopedia.com will assign your password in just a few seconds.


Can I change my password?


No. Your password cannot be changed. If you need another password, by using  your same "User Name" you can ask for it at the Registration Page.


Is my password valid for any collection?


Yes. You can insert items in any collection by using the same password. Our program will let you select which collection you are interested in using.


Does my “User Name” show on the item form?


Yes. It will show as “Owner”


Does my e-mail address show on item form?


Your e-mail address, even if required in the  “Registration Page” form, can not be shown on the item form (or any other form). In other words, you decide to show it or not. If you want to remain anonymous, on the “Registration Page” you must select “no” to the following question: “would you like to show your e-mail address”?


Can I insert some items with the option as “E-mail online” and others “E-mail offline”?


No. The option to choose between "E-mail online" or "E-mail offline" is selected by you in the “Registration Page”. Whichever option you choose remains permanently


How can I insert some items as “E-mail online” and others “E-mail offline”?


You must register using another "User Name".


Can I leave some fields empty in “Inserting Form”?


The first two fields plus one image are required. The remaining fields can be left empty.


Can I change insert order in the “Inserting Form”?


No. Inserting an order must be strictly kept. In order to simplify searches, we recommend you follow the inserting instructions closely.


Can I mention prices, values or grade of rarity of an item?


No. It is strictly forbidden to make mentions of prices. It is our policy to keep these information private. Any record mentioning these information will be immediately deleted.


How many images may I insert for any item?


You may insert no more than three  images for any item.


Why may I insert up to three images?


Some items require different views.


How can I insert pictures?


Images must be stored in your computer. Drag and drop a picture from your computer into the box.


How do I insert images?


Images must be stored in your computer. Click on “Browse", select the file and upload it.


Which is the correct format for my images?


All images must be in .jpg format


What is the recommended size for my images?


If your image file is too large it will take too long to download. Collectorsencyclopedia.com recommends a maximum size of 640 x 340 pixels x cm. Images can't be larger than 300 KB


Can my images use any background?


Yes, but we strongly suggest you use a smooth texture and a single colour background, if possible, the same as other items in the collection.


When can I view my new item online?


As soon as the Manager (and expert collector) reviews your listing. Once he approves it, he will put it online.


Who is the “Manager”?


The Manager is an expert collector who works with us. He applies his knowledge and experience in examining the items being submitted by collectors.


How can I become a “Manager”?


Go to the "New Manager" function and follow the directions there. Collectorsencyclopedia.com will consider your request and our head office will contact you shortly.


Can the manager change the data I supply?


No. The manager's only responsibility is to examine and review all data submitted. In the event he needs more

information or suggests a change he
will contact you with a request to make a change.


Can the manager delete your data?


Yes. Managers are our collaborators and act on behalf of Collectorsenyclopedia.com.. In the event they judge your data to be inappropriate or damaging to Collectorsenyclopedia.com., they will delete all improper data received.


 Forum form



What is the Forum?


The Forum is a Collectorsenyclopedia.com service which provides a platform for discussing or debating any part of the collection.


Who can attend the Forum?


Anybody can participate in the Forum. All you have to do is register a "Nickname" and your email address


What can I talk about in the Forum?


Any subject can be dealt with in the Forum. Comments, questions, evaluations, as long as they're in good taste and proper are welcome.


Can I discuss an issue that does not necessarily refer to that particular collection?


Yes. Each collection has its own Forum. If you want to discuss something that is in a different collection you must go to that particular collection.


What date shows any message?


The actual date when the message is submitted.


Whose name shows in a message?


The name (or alias) of the person writing the message.


How can I discuss a new subject in the Forum?


First you enter the collection which involves the subject. Next click on Forum. Select "New Entry", register your nickname and email address. At that point leave your comment.


How can I reply to an existing discussion?


Select one of the two following options: “Reply to all” or “Reply to the author”


What is the different between “Reply to all” and “Reply to the author”?


Reply to Author goes only to the author. Your reply will not be seen in the Forum. Reply to All will be shown in the Forum where anyone can see it.